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GUSD Mac Wireless Mobile Configuration Profile

Click here to download the wireless mobile configuration profile. 

ThinkPad Teacher Laptop Introduction Video

Feature highlights:

  • Fingerprint Reader for quick login
  • Built-In Stylus for writing on screen
  • 360° Hinge
  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • Wireless display to projector/TV
  • Instructional applications for both Elementary and Secondary


To view the tutorials below you will be required to login using your GUSD Office 365 Portal account.

Where to Save Your Files

ETIS recommends storing all your files on cloud storage (Google Drive) due to features such as continuous backup and ease of access from any location or device.

Additionally, a new feature called Google Drive FIle Stream allows file synchronization between the computer and Google Drive.

For those who have a high volume of files, district network storage, also known as User Folder or U: Drive, can be used.

However, any files that are saved to network storage will only be accessible from within GUSD's network. 

Chromebook Classroom & Cable Management

Photos of ideas on how to manage cables in a LocknCharge Chromebook Cart.

Other Resources...

Microsoft Training Resources
Microsoft in Education 

  • The Microsoft Educator Community is one of the world’s largest educator social networks. Connect and collaborate, find training and lessons, and earn badges and certificates on this personalized hub created for educators like you.

When signing in select Office 365 then use your GUSD Office 365 Portal account.