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High School Academics

Photo collage of the high schools of GUSD, with the text High School Academics, and the GUSD seal

High school graduation requirements span grades 9-12. They are revised periodically to prepare students for continued success in higher education and the workplace. The district’s minimum graduation standards, as of Spring, 2003, are:

1. Satisfactory citizenship.

2. Completion of 220 semester credits earned in grades 9-12.

3. Successful completion of these required courses:

English – Four years

Mathematics – Two years. Students are required to complete Algebra 1 and Geometry. Beginning with the class of 2021, students will be required to complete Integrated I and Integrated II.

Science – Three years - includes one year Living Earth (with lab), one year Chemistry in the Earth (with lab), one year Physics in the Universe (with lab)

Social Science – Three years - includes one year in World History, one year in U.S. History, one semester in American Government and one semester in Economics

Foreign Language/Fine Arts – One year of Foreign Language or Fine Arts. Students who take one year of Foreign Language must also complete one semester of Fine Arts.

Career Preparation – One semester

Health – One semester

Physical Education – Two years

View and search the High School Course Catalog

High School "Blueprint" — A new High School "Blueprint" was created in 2002 to improve instruction further. For an update, contact the Office of Educational Services.

Advanced Placement — For college-bound students, Advanced Placement offers an opportunity to earn college credits by qualifying on College Board AP exams. Schools offer AP courses in subject areas such as English, math, foreign languages, history, economics, science and fine art. At the conclusion of each class, students take the qualifying exams.

  • Glendale Schools have excellent track records in preparing students to attain passing grades on these rigorous exams.

Beyond the Classroom — For many students, the high school experience extends beyond the classroom. They take advantage of numerous campus activities, from clubs, organizations and school projects to student government. These activities often help students discover special talents and interests they will pursue in later life. The district also offers opportunities for community service. 

  • Students may demonstrate mastery of proficiency standards as early as ninth grade. Follow-up counseling and remediation courses are provided to students who require additional help mastering the proficiencies.

Preparing for Life After High School — As students progress toward graduation, they learn it’s important to plan for life after high school. Counselors, career center specialists and other support staff are ready to help.

  • Information and services available include higher education and financial aid advisement, career planning, personal counseling, and development of life-coping skills.