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i-Ready for Educators

BIG changes to i-Ready: i-Ready has made dramatic updates to its interface. The links below can be used to help users get caught up. Some schools have signed up for school site training to support teachers - please contact me ASAP if you would like to schedule a training at your site (60 – 90 minutes).

 In addition, please refer to the links below for helpful i-Ready resources:

i-Ready Improvements:

New Implementation Resources:

Accessing the i-Ready Teacher Toolbox

The i-Ready Teacher Toolbox uses a different login than i-Ready and includes electronic versions of the lessons in the Ready books.  The lessons are broken down by standard and designed for small group instruction.  If you already have an account, you can log in at this site:  If you are a new teacher or do not have an account, go to the login page and click “Register.”  Enter your GUSD email and you will be asked for an access code.  Enter “glendale17” and you should have access.  A helpful flyer with screenshots can be found here.


i-Ready login info for new students

The new students do not have SSID numbers yet. On i-Ready, their username is "TE-GUSDID#" (for example TE-412364) and their password is only the GUSD ID #. You can find a list of your students' names and passwords under the "Roster" tab in i-Ready.  Please share this message with your faculty!


Login information

Directions for logging in and checking rosters can be found on page 10 (top and middle of the page) of the Teacher Training Guide and directions for accessing student logins is on page 11 (also middle of page).  Also, here’s a video tutorial for accessing the roster and student logins: Check Class Roster and Obtain Student Logins (3:41)


Additional technical support at your school site

Wendy Knudson from the i-Ready team will be available this year to visit schools and provide technical and instructional support.  She was a classroom teacher for 17 year and has experience as a Curriculum Coordinator and Instructional Designer.  Her role is to help site administrators and teachers understand i-Ready key reports, deepen their knowledge on how i-Ready data can drive instruction and answer questions the staff may have regarding navigating i-Ready or using it in their classroom.  Please contact Wendy at if you would like to schedule time for her visit your school and offer support with i-Ready.


Seeing who is rushing through assessments

Each Teacher or Admin has access to reports that will show them this information.  You can reassign assessments to students who may have rushed through them.


Lessons to help Kindergarteners access i-Ready in the Kinder Corner

You can use these two interactive activity resources: