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Library Book Review Committee

Review Committee for New & Contested Library Materials

We welcome feedback about our library books and materials. If a student or parent/guardian has concerns about a book or material in our school libraries, they should first discuss the material with their school principal.

If, after discussing their concerns with the school principal, the student or parent/guardian is not satisfied with the response, the individual may submit a formal request for review by a GUSD Library Review Committee.


Library Review Committees

Each year, GUSD convenes Elementary and Secondary Library Review Committees to review unvetted new and contested books and materials for use in our school libraries. Formal complaints about library books and materials will be submitted to the appropriate Library Review Committee for evaluation.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Committees meet 3-4 times a year, as needed
  • Members review any unvetted or contested books and/or materials submitted during the review cycle
  • Committees discuss and objectively determine if each book/material is appropriate for students at the given level based on criteria listed in GUSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6163.1.

Each committee includes:

  • 4-5 educators
  • 2 school-based administrators
  • 1-2 curriculum experts from GUSD Teaching and Learning
  • 1-2 school-based librarians, library technicians, or library assistants
  • 3 parents or guardians of current GUSD students
  • 2 high school students

Parent/guardian committee members are selected randomly. A request for volunteers is sent to all parents/guardians every August. One volunteer member is randomly selected from each high school cluster area (Crescenta Valley, Glendale, Hoover). Student members are volunteers from the GUSD Student Advisory Council.


Review Process and Results