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Work Permit Application

Request for Work Permit

Steps to obtain a work permit:

  1. Once you have secured a position of employment, complete the Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for Work Permit.
  2. Submit your completed application;(signed by parent/guardian and employer):
  • While school is in session – turn the application into your counselor.
  • During spring/summer break – email your completed application along with a copy of your current Student ID to
  • Note: Middle school students are required to email for work permits.


Steps to obtain an entertainment work permit:

  1. Obtain the “Application for Permission to Work in the Entertainment Industry” from any Division of Labor Standards Enforcement office or online.
  2. The minor’s parent or legal guardian must complete all of the requested information on the application and print and sign their name. 
  3. An authorized school official (i.e., principal) must complete the “School Record” portion of the application, sign their name, print their title or position, and affix the school’s seal or stamp to the application.