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About Our Libraries

School Libraries

GUSD school libraries are stocked with age-appropriate learning materials that help our students grow academically, intellectually, and personally. Visit the GUSD Library Catalog to see which books are available in each schools’ library.

Library Material Selection

Library materials are evaluated and selected through a process that invites recommendations from administrators, teachers, staff, parents/guardians, and students as appropriate. When selecting books and materials, we take into consideration our students' diverse interests, reading levels, maturity levels, abilities, backgrounds, home languages, and extracurricular interests.

All gifts and donations of school library materials are subject to the same criteria as materials selected for purchase by the District. Materials that contain outdated subject matter or are no longer appropriate will be removed. 

Requests for Material Review

We welcome feedback about our library books and materials. If a student or parent/guardian has concerns about a book or material in our school libraries, they should first discuss the material with their school principal.

If, after discussing their concerns with the school principal, the student or parent/guardian is not satisfied with the response, the individual may submit a formal request for review by a GUSD Library Review Committee.


Elementary Library Guidelines & Opt Out

Our elementary students have an opportunity to visit their school library on a regular basis. Visiting the library promotes literacy, curiosity, and a love of learning!

Library Guidelines

  • Students have an opportunity to check out library books during their class library time.
  • If your student brings a library book(s) home, please help them find a safe place to keep the book. Make sure to keep library books away from young siblings, pets, and any food or drinks. The best place for library books is in your student’s backpack.
  • Borrowed books are expected to be returned at the next library visit. If a student forgets their book, they should tell their teacher. Students must return borrowed books before checking out a new book.
  • We do not charge for late books. However, there is a replacement fee if a library book gets lost or damaged.

Library Opt-Out

  • If you do not want your child to borrow books or materials from the school library, please complete this opt-out form and return it to your child’s teacher.
  • If you have multiple children attending GUSD elementary schools, please complete a separate form for each child you would like to opt out.
  • Students who opt out should be provided a selection of widely-accepted, age-appropriate books to read during their class' scheduled library visit. They will not be permitted to borrow books from their school library.