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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions: GATE Identification in GUSD

  • The test does not require any prior preparation and the results will not impact your child’s grades.  The NNAT3 is intended to be taken without any preparation. Lowering a student's anxiety about GATE screening, by encouraging them to try their best without placing pressure on their performance is highly encouraged.

  • GATE identification can be useful for students, parents/guardians, and teachers in understanding more about a student's learning needs.  Having discussions with your student's teacher(s) about how learning experiences can be differentiated is highly encouraged.

    Your child will be receiving differentiated instruction as is appropriate in the classroom. Differentiated instruction is a teaching approach to meet students’ learning needs. All the students have the same learning goal. But the instruction varies based on students’ interests, preferences, and strengths. In addition, each school may also offer additional GATE learning experiences outside of the regular classroom. 

  • The District will continue to provide a rich, challenging and nourishing educational environment for your child. Please contact your school site Teacher Specialist for more information. 

    Continuing to communicate any concerns you have as a parent/guardian with your student's teachers is highly encouraged. The more teachers know about a student (interests, needs, challenges, etc), the better they can support them. 
    If a student does not qualify for identification on their first testing opportunity, further GATE screening will be allowed per parent, teacher, counselor, or administrator request.  Students may test a maximum of 2 times. 

  • The NNAT3 is scored using 3-month age bands. For example, if your student was born in April 2014, they will be scored using the April-June 2014 scoring band. The test is nationally norm-referenced, meaning your student's results will be measured against peers in their age band from across the nation.