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English Language Arts

English Language Arts in GUSD

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High School

The California Common Core State Standards are implemented to teach the five strands of literacy: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Language.  Our students become career and college ready through reading literary and informational texts critically and writing for informational, argumentative, and narrative purposes.  Listening and speaking skills are emphasized so that students communicate and express ideas effectively, as they learn the language conventions and vocabulary to write and speak clearly and concisely.  It is our goal to provide all students with a rigorous English Language Arts curriculum and powerful classroom instruction for their personal and professional success as lifelong learners.

English Language Arts Parent Resources:

The Council of the Great City Schools' parent roadmaps in English language arts/literacy and the PTA Parent Guides to Student Success provide parents with what their children will be learning at each grade level and ways to help their children outside of school.

Growth Mindset is the belief that all students have the ability to improve and grow.  The videos below explain the concept of Growth Mindset and its benefits for children. 

In implementing the California Common Core State Standards, educators are making important shifts in their instruction.  Through these shifts, educators are advancing instructional practices from the previous standards to the new common core state standards.  

The California Common Core State Standards call for the following shifts:

Shift 1 Balancing Informational & Literary Text 

Shift 2 Knowledge in the Disciplines

Shift 3 Staircase of Complexity 

Shift 4 Text-based Answers 

Shift 5 Writing from Sources 

Shift 6 Academic Vocabulary