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Keppel Elementary

Keppel Visual & Performing Arts Magnet

At Keppel Elementary, visual and performing arts are infused into the core curriculum. Each trimester, all Keppel students participate in a 10-week course taught by one of four resident artists in either visual arts, music, drama, or dance. Each course culminates in a project or performance.

Students in grades 4 and 5 are invited to participate in master class. Students audition to be in the performance and train all year for a three-day production that takes place in the spring. Students who are interested in working behind the scenes can be part of the stage crew and help create sets and props for the performance.

Keppel offers both English-only and Korean Dual Language Immersion programs. All students participate in the visual and performing arts curriculum.

Mark Keppel Elementary School
Phone: (818) 244-2113
Address: 730 Glenwood Road, Glendale, CA 91202
Principal: Kristine Tonoli
Contact: Unis Choi, Teacher Specialist