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Certificated Employment

GUSD applicants must hold or be eligible for a California credential. Passage of a Basic Skills Exam is a state requirement.

We accept applications from:

  • Multiple subject (elementary/self-contained classrooms)
  • Single subject (secondary/departmentalized classrooms)
  • Special education
  • Pupil personnel (counseling)
  • Speech, language, and hearing candidates (contract positions)

General Information 

  1. Applications for open positions are posted at
  2. Applications submitted to Human Resources must be accurate and complete with all requested information.
  3. Applications remain active for one calendar year (January - December).

Application Procedures 

  1. Submit a completed application at
  2. Include letter of introduction, up-to-date resume, and three current letters of reference.
  3. Appropriately credentialed and qualified applicants may be asked to interview as openings occur (candidates may be asked to interview several times).
  4. Individuals not recommended for a specific vacancy will continue to be considered for other positions.
  5. Upon recommendation of the site principal or program director, all formal offers of contract employment come from the human resources office.
  6. New hires must undergo a Department of Justice fingerprint clearance, district-paid physical examination, and present evidence of freedom from tuberculosis before signing an employment contract.
  7. Salary placement will be determined based upon semester/quarter units beyond the Bachelor's degree as verified by official transcripts and previous verified teaching experience.

Probationary and Temporary Contract Appointments 

  1. Probationary contracts are offered for open, vacant positions.
  2. A temporary contract may be offered to a certificated employee to cover another employee on leave of absence or to replace a certificated employee whose position is categorically funded.
  3. Temporary contract employees are released at the end of their contract period (maximum length is one school year) and may be eligible for re-employment depending on district needs.

Substitute Teaching 

  1. Please visit and apply on-line. No paper applications are accepted.
  2. Priority in hiring will be given to credentialed applicants.
  3. The rate of pay for substitute teachers will be $200 per day. Long-term assignments will pay $240 per day after the 10th day in the same assignment.
  4. Substitutes are required to attend a half-day training prior to assignment in the classroom.

Additional Information 

  1. District paid health and welfare benefits are provided to full time contract employees and their dependents according to the collectively bargained plan choices offered.
  2. Part-time employees working at least one-half time but less than full time are provided district-paid benefits for the employee only. The employee may purchase coverage for qualified dependents at his/her own expense.
  3. All certificated employees newly employed by the district must contribute to the Medicare portion of Social Security. A deduction of 1.45% is taken from each employee´s salary for this purpose.
  4. All certificated employees are offered the option to join the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) at time of employment. A non-taxable deduction of 9.205% is deducted monthly from each new member's (after January 1, 2013) salary for CalSTRS membership.  

  5. All certificated employees must hold a valid California credential for the position assigned for the duration of their employment in a position requiring certification. It is the employee´s responsibility to maintain that certification, which may include the payment of credential/permit renewal fees and the completion of coursework or other requirements as noted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

  6. A New Teacher Orientation is provided to assist new hires in their first year with the District. Some new hires will be eligible to participate in additional support activities, such as the Induction Program.
  7. Because of the varied needs of our students and legal requirements of the Williams vs. State of California court case and subsequent legislation, teachers new to the District are required to be English Language Learner (ELL) certified before they attain permanency in the District. New employees who have AB 1059 and SB 2042 credentials are ELL-certified through their credentialing. The Bilingual or Crosscultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD or CLAD) authorizations also meet the requirement.

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