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Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

The Student Wellness Services department uses prevention, education, and intervention strategies to support students’ academic success and promote positive growth and development. We believe in giving students every opportunity to reach their academic potential through accessible and comprehensive wellness services.


Shared Beliefs

  • We strive to maintain a climate of compassion, sensitivity, and respect for all individuals.
  • We are dedicated to nonjudgmental and open communication.
  • We are committed to personal responsibility and professional integrity.


Department Contacts

Glendale Unified Student Wellness Services Office - Room 101

Phone: (818) 241-3111 ext. 1500 | Fax: (818) 242-4213

Dr. Narineh Khemichian, Interim Director

Hilda Markarian, Administrative Secretary


Counselors & Case Managers

Sarineh Hovanessian Lead Case Manager Ext. 1232 Email Sarineh
Knar Kahkejian Clinical Supervisor Ext. 1233 Email Knar
Tamar Kalfayan Clinical Supervisor Ext. 1233 Email Tamar
Monika Grabowski Homeless/Foster Youth Counselor Ext. 1223 Email Monika
Lerna Amiryans Homeless/Foster Youth Counselor Ext. 1418 Email Lerna