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Caregiver Agreement

State legislation has established the category of an “Adult Caregiver” (either a relative or non-relative) who is authorized to enroll a minor living under his/her care in school. To register as an Authorized Caregiver, please complete a Caregiver Authorization Packet and schedule an appointment with GUSD Student Support Services.

The following conditions must be met and forms completed before calling for an appointment:

  1. Completed Caregiver’s Supplemental Information Form (Form A).
  2. Completed Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit (Form B).
  3. Documentation must be presented to prove the degree of relationship (Form C). If a relative seeking temporary custody cannot prove the degree of relationship, you will be required to provide proof of foster licensing within three (3) months of signing this document. For a Foster Home License, contact the Department of Children and Family Services at 1 (888) 811-1121 or if you prefer to get a Petition of Guardianship, call the Los Angeles Probate Court at (213) 974-5471.
  4. Student and the caregiver residing within GUSD must attend in person for proper signing of these documents.
  5. Verification of residency (two current original utility bills in caregiver’s name) and picture identification with caregiver's current address.
  6. Transcripts or latest report card of last school of attendance and immunization records.
  7. Notarized Letter: The Caregiver shall provide a notarized letter from the parent allowing residency to be established with Caregiver in our District

Please Note:

  • Falsification of any documentation will be cause for immediate withdrawal of your student.
  • If your student's school of residence is “Capped,” your student will be placed in another District school where space is available.

When all necessary documents are in order, please call (818) 241-3111, ext. 1285 to schedule an appointment - Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.