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Information for Program Providers

Information for Program Providers

Organizations seeking to distribute flyers at Glendale Unified schools must register with Peachjar as a "program provider," then upload your flyer for distribution to your desired school(s). Glendale Unified no longer distributes paper flyers from outside organizations.

After your flyer has been submitted, it will be routed automatically to the GUSD Public Information Office for approval, then emailed to all parents who have their email address on file at the district. 

In order to provide this service to our families at no cost to the district, Peachjar charges program providers a small fee to distribute e-flyers. The fee is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. 

For questions about flyer approvals, please contact Christine Giannamore at (818) 241-3111 ext. 1217 or Lauren Cienfuegos at ext. 1218. 

For technical support, please visit Peachjar’s website, contact a Peachjar Customer Support Specialist at 858-997-2117 ext. 2, or send an email to

Flyer Approval Guidelines

Glendale Unified may approve distribution of noncommercial materials that publicize services, special events, public meetings, or other gatherings of interest to students or parents/guardians. Events or programs sponsored by a profit-making organization on behalf of a nonprofit organization may be acceptable for distribution depending upon the material itself.

Prior to the distribution, posting, or publishing of any non-school group's promotional materials or advertisement, the Superintendent or designee shall review the materials or advertisement based on the criteria listed below.

All materials to be distributed shall bear the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity. 

Submit a Flyer:

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Criteria for Approval

The Superintendent or designee shall not accept for distribution any materials or advertisements that:

  1. Are lewd, obscene, libelous, or slanderous.
  2. Incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules, or disrupt the orderly operation of the schools.
  3. Proselytize and/or promote any religious or political topic with the intention of converting its readers.
  4. Discriminate against, attack, or denigrate any group on account of any unlawful consideration.
  5. Promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including, but not limited to, materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, non-nutritious foods and beverages, and movies or products unsuitable for children.
  6. Solicit funds or services for an organization, with the exception of solicitations authorized in Board policy.
  7. Distribute unsolicited merchandise for which an ensuing payment is requested. 

The Superintendent or designee also may consider the educational value of the materials or advertisements, the age or maturity of the students in the intended audience, and whether the materials or advertisements support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit the students, or are of intrinsic value to the students or their parents/guardians.