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Personnel Commission

The Glendale Unified Personnel Commission is a non-partisan public body responsible for the administration of a merit system. The merit system is a system of rules and procedures similar to civil service, which governs classified school personnel. Its fundamental purpose is to insure that employees are selected, promoted, and retained without favoritism or prejudice, on the basis of merit and fitness. Adherence to the merit system principles, as regulated by the California Education Code and the District's Classified Rules and Regulations is overseen by the Personnel Commission.

Specific functions and responsibilities of the Personnel Commission include applications, examinations, classifications, and other rules and regulations pertaining to employment, and appeals from disciplinary action. By provisions of the California Education Code, it is composed of three members appointed for three-year terms with the term of one member expiring each year. One commissioner is appointed by the Board of Education, one by the Board of Education upon nomination by classified employees of the District, and the third by the other two commissioners.

Current Members

  • Mr. Najeeb Khoury, Chairperson (appointed by the Personnel Commission)
  • Mrs. Angelica Reyes, Vice-Chairperson (appointed by the California School Employees Association)
  • Mr. Aram Ordubegian, Member (appointed by the Board of Education)
  • Dr. Kyle Bruich, Director, Classified Personnel, acts as the Secretary to the Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commission holds regular monthly meetings that are normally open to the public. 

  • Copies of the Rules and Regulations of the Classified Service, the meeting agendas, as well as minutes of the meetings are posted on this page. Copies of past annual reports may be obtained from the Classified Human Resources Office. Future reports will be posted on this page.

Glendale Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer that serves a diverse community. Being a merit system agency, Glendale Unified School District is dedicated to the proper selection and retention of classified employees. The District's merit system dates back to 1967 and is based on the following principles:

  1. Employment and promotion on the basis of merit as shown by competitive examination: Applicants for positions in the classified service are selected through procedures that emphasize merit (qualifications and skills) as the prime factor in employment.
  2. Like pay for like service: Positions in the classified service are delineated according to type and level so that employees performing similar tasks at the same level of complexity and responsibility are compensated equally.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

May 23, 2024


April 12, 2024


March 11, 2024


February 14, 2024


January 17, 2024


December 18, 2023


November 13, 2023


October 9, 2023